True Love Reading Cards por Belinda Grace

True Love Reading Cards por Belinda Grace
Titulo del libro : True Love Reading Cards
Fecha de lanzamiento : May 1, 2015
Autor : Belinda Grace
Número de páginas : 96
ISBN : 1925017419
Editor : Deep Books

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Belinda Grace con True Love Reading Cards

A new set of reading cards that will help to discover a true pathway to love

These cards have been created to guide anyone with questions about romance, relationships, and love in matters of the heart. Nothing is more important than loving and being loved and it doesn't’t need to be complicated or confusing. Simply draw a daily message from the 36 cards. Single users shuffle the cards and think about the type of relationship they want, while those in a relationship select cards to seek improvements in their relationship. True Love Reading Cards will guide users to new levels of understanding, confidence, and trust—they will shine a light so they can attract and create the love they desire.