Tank Men (English Edition) por Robert Kershaw

Tank Men (English Edition) por Robert Kershaw
Titulo del libro : Tank Men (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 16, 2009
Autor : Robert Kershaw
Número de páginas : 496
ISBN : 0340923490
Editor : Hodder & Stoughton

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Robert Kershaw con Tank Men (English Edition)

'I thought Tank Men was a triumph ...it is a really fine piece of work' - Richard Holmes 'Some of the eye witness accounts Kershaw has collected for this comprehensive review of tank warfare have the power to chill the reader to the bone. This is warfare at the sharp end' --NOTTINGHAM EVENING POST The First World War saw the birth of an extraordinary fighting machine that has fascinated three generations: the tank. In Tank Men, ex-soldier and military historian Robert Kershaw brings to life the grime, the grease and the fury of a tank battle through the voices of ordinary men and women who lived and fought in those fearsome machines. Drawing on vivid, newly researched personal testimony from the crucial battles of the First and Second World Wars, this is military history at its very best.