Super Silly School Poems por David Greenberg

Super Silly School Poems por David Greenberg
Titulo del libro : Super Silly School Poems
Fecha de lanzamiento : June 24, 2014
Autor : David Greenberg
Número de páginas : 32
Editor : Orchard Books

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David Greenberg con Super Silly School Poems

A collection of silly poems that's perfect for back-to-school!This school-themed collection contains wacky, wonderful poems about a recess secret, a show-and-tell mystery, a handful of homework excuses, and a sneaky, slithering, escaped class pet. These poems are sure to tickle the funny bone of any kid who's ever endured a gross cafeteria lunch or a teacher with eyes in the back of her head.David Greenberg's silly school poems will speak to kids, parents, and teachers alike. Liza Woodruff's fun illustrations are a perfect fit for these poems.