BOOM! : Explosive Strength Gains por Mark Sherwood

BOOM! : Explosive Strength Gains por Mark Sherwood
Titulo del libro : BOOM! : Explosive Strength Gains
Autor : Mark Sherwood

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Mark Sherwood con BOOM! : Explosive Strength Gains

The Boom Method is based on a cycle of strength training workouts that are designed to promote accelerated strength gains and added hypertrophy. Out of the countless strength training programs that I have personally used over the course of over three decades of training, none have come close to producing the rapid progress that I experienced when using the Boom Method. The cycle of workouts is based on four phases that are strategically sequenced to work together in a synergistic manner. The result is that each phase empowers the next phase to work better which causes strength gains to take off at a rapid rate. These phases consist of:1.General Volume Training2.High Intensity Sets3.Speed Specific Volume Training4.Heavy Load Intensity Training Realistically, the Boom Method is not a long-term strategy that is intended to be used forever, but it is a very effective short-term strategy that can be used intermittently as a way to quickly boost your progress. The Boom Method can be used for powerlifting as well as general strength training. It is designed for those who need to get stronger in a hurry. If this sounds like what you are looking for, the weight training workouts that are presented in Boom are for you.